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What are various MAS compliance services?

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Regular Compliance

Compliance Service providers can offer external business compliance to financial companies and assist in all compliances activities of the company on continuous basis. This includes day to day compliance, monthly compliances, quarterly companies and annual compliances.

Review of Compliance Programs

MAS requires that every financial company include a stable compliance arrangement suitable for their daily operations. Compliance review refers to analyzing a structure and determining if it is impacting your business positively

Compliance advisory

This service includes offering advice to different compliance issues that you may be facing. Also, MAS is quite famous for upgrading its advisory notices. With a reliable compliance service provider like ours, you will get updates immediately after their release since we keep track of MAS updates daily.

Filling of MAS application forms

Most MAS licenses require annual updates; hence, you need to fill in the necessary information. The process is quite challenging; therefore, a professional is the best option. Note that you must ensure that the compliance service provider you settle for is reliable.

What are compliance services?

Compliance services refer to the process of ensuring that your company follows the internal and external regulatory framework set up by the company or various governmental organizations. In Singapore, business compliance plays a pivotal role in business performance as the monetary authority of Singapore requires that companies maintain a stable compliance program. Also, a compliance expert is necessary to handle things in this sector.

Who needs compliance services?

After licensing is approved by MAS, some follow-ups come up as you run your financial business. One of the issues includes business compliance. Therefore, every financial company under the MAS needs to enroll in a stable compliance program.

How can we help you with compliance?

As mentioned above, compliance services are an important sector of every business, especially in the financial industry. However, suppose your business is small, the probability of maintaining an independent compliance arrangement is almost zero. As a result, compliance service providers like our websites are ready to offer compliance services. We have a team of experts who have the talent and experience to handle most of the compliance issues. Check us out today and gain access to one of the best compliance service providers to make your business compliance bigger and better.


FAQs about Singapore MAS Compliance Services

Business compliance is a critical area that ensures that the management and the employees meet the external and internal compliance programs.

The MAS compliance policy is among the top documents you must have when running a financial company in Singapore; thus, it is crucial. You must include a compliance arrangement where you submit a compliance audit to MAS for review.

Every financial business regulated under the Monetary Authority of Singapore must have a business compliance policy

This process refers to the act of giving permits to financial businesses under the MAS. There are different types of licenses in MAS depending on the operations. Also, each license features various requirements that applicants must meet.

Every financial enterprise in Singapore must have a stable compliance arrangement that ensures that its staff and management follow the regulatory framework. The requirements vary depending on the type of license. In some cases, an applicant must ensure that they have an independent compliance program, while some licenses allow you to use external compliance service providers like us.

Under the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the country is quite strict with the setup rules; hence companies that don’t abide to these rules have to face severe punishments. Some of these penalties include imprisonment, heavy fines, restrictive punishment, closure of business etc. As a result, financial companies must have a stable business compliance arrangement to avoid such punishments.

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