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Singapore MAS Regulatory Compliance Training Service

Singapore is among the top financial hubs globally, thanks to its incredible performance. The country has several requirements that you must fulfill so you can do business there. All these rules work under a standard regulatory framework that limits the power of different financial companies. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is responsible for the financial regulatory framework. One of the must-have products in the country as a businessman is the necessary licenses depending on your business’s entity based on in the financial sector. Note that you must follow the compliance guidelines as long as your business has the necessary licensing.

What does it mean to follow the compliance policies? It refers to some issues that you must comply with as an enterprise, including:

  • The company must include a compliance policy and a manual
  • It would be best if you implemented these policies as you operate your business
  • The final requirement is to train your staff about the compliance policies they must follow as they perform their daily activities

This article explains more about compliance training services and some of the things you must keep in mind as an enterprise.

Who do enterprises go to when in need of compliance training services Singapore?

There are two different training services available in a business depending on the taste and preferences of the company. A company can choose to hire a trainer who provides the necessary compliance training services for the staff. However, when dealing with a small organization with limited resources, outsourcing the trainer is a good choice. Our team includes many experts with knowledge of compliance training and will offer assistance in both circumstances. If you need to outsource a trainer, our company has many trainers that you can rely on to train your employees. Also, you can choose to get a trainer, and our firm is ready to lend a hand in training these trainers.

Why you need Compliance Training Services

Suitable for all MAS Licenses regulated companies

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MAS requires businesses to train their staff

Singapore's government expects financial enterprises to train their employees on all the policies available. As a result, when you conduct the necessary training, you can avoid crushing with the law enforcers.

Good Performance

Compliance training allows employees to understand what the owner requires of them as they undertake their daily activities. Also, a stable regulatory framework results in good performance compared to a disorganized enterprise.

Train Employees on the changes that occur in the company

Things are rarely definite in a firm since we often witness new changes every day as businesses operate. Therefore, with mandatory training annually, trainers can educate the staff on some of the changes in the firm.

Why do you need compliance training services?

Monetary Authority of Singapore is strict about its regulatory framework that expects all businesses with a license to follow the compliance policy.

It also requires that the enterprises conduct mandatory annual training of the employees to understand more about the rules for outstanding performance.

How can we help you regarding MAS Regulatory Compliance Training Service

From the details above, compliance training service is no secret a vital sector of every financial business with a MAS license. Therefore, business owners need to focus on this sector to ensure that things are running smoothly, and to do that; they need an expert to help on the matter. Fortunately, we are an online-based platform that offers all business owners a chance to engage with us for more details on compliance training.

Our program features many talented experts with the experience to handle any compliance issue that may arise. Also, we can offer the necessary training to trainers who wish to join your organization.

How Long Does the Training Take?

The length of compliance training by a fund compliance advisory in Singapore can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the fund’s operations, the organization’s size, and the level of detail required by the training program.

  • Fund compliance advisory : Compliance training is an essential aspect of ensuring that an organization’s employees understand their compliance obligations and responsibilities. In Singapore, compliance training is provided by a fund compliance advisory, which is a professional firm that specializes in providing compliance advice and support to funds and other financial services providers.
  • Duration : Basic compliance training may cover anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, data privacy laws, and ethical conduct. Advanced compliance training may cover more complex topics such as risk management, internal controls, and regulatory reporting requirements. The length of the training program will depend on the level of detail required by the organization and the extent to which employees need to be trained.
  • Example : A small fund with a straightforward business model may require only a few hours of basic employee training. In contrast, a larger fund with a more complex structure and operations may require several days of advanced compliance training to ensure that all employees are adequately trained.
  • Regular training : Compliance training is an ongoing process. Organizations should provide regular refresher training to employees to stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory developments and compliance requirements.

How Many People can be Trained per Session?

The number of people trained per session can vary depending on the training program’s format, the training location, and the available resources.

  • Objectives : In general, the number will depend on the training program’s objectives and the desired level of interaction between the trainer and the trainees. For example, a training program that requires a high level of interaction, such as role-playing or case studies, may be more effective with smaller groups of trainees.
  • Information : On the other hand, training programs that focus on providing information and updates on regulatory developments may be more efficient with larger groups. However, it is essential to ensure that each trainee has the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification on the training content.
  • Limited resources : Regarding available resources, the size of the training room and the availability of training materials, such as handouts and visual aids, can also affect the number of people trained per session. Generally, a smaller training room with limited resources may require smaller groups to ensure that each trainee has access to the necessary materials and can participate effectively.

It is essential to consider the above factors when planning training sessions so that each trainee can participate effectively and achieve the desired learning outcomes.


6 FAQs on MAS Regulatory Compliance Training Service

Compliance training is training employees and key individuals in the company on all the expectations that they must fulfill as they serve the company.

Businesses can either hire a permanent trainer who works under the company or outsource a regular trainer. The first option is an excellent choice for big corporations with many employees, while the latter is perfect for small enterprises.

This term refers to all the services in compliance training, including answering compliance training questions, offering guidelines, and training trainers. Our website is a compliance training services provider that you can use to guide your company.

Every business in Singapore that is working under a MAS license requires compliance training

Yes. Singapore requires that every financial business have a compliance policy document and mandatory annual training of the employees and the executives.

Singapore has a strict regulatory framework that every financial business must follow; hence it imposes heavy punishments on non-compliances, including imprisonment, heavy fines, or banishment.

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