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Corporate Finance License

Exempts Corporate Finance License

Exempts Corporate Finance License

If you are familiar with the Singapore finance licensing, you know that there are some exemptions during license application. Like the name, Exempt Corporate Finance License suggests, it means a corporate finance firm that is free to operate without a license. The Monetary Authority of Singapore uses some standards to define if a corporation is viable for exemptions. This feature demonstrates MAS stable regulatory framework that ensures that it creates a friendly ecosystem that promotes innovation and efficient services. Are you wondering about the corporate finance licenses and the exemptions? If yes, this piece is the best place to find reliable information about the exempt corporate finance license. Check it out!

What is an exempt corporate finance firm in Singapore?

Singapore is no secret among the top countries with a world-class regulatory framework giving guidelines on how businesses operate. And the finance sector needs the right licensing except for the exemptions. This detail means that corporate finance runs smoothly without the CMS licensing that corporate finance firms apply for to become legit. Note that despite being exempted, these corporations must follow the basic market practices demanded by the MAS.


Who can apply for the Exempt Corporate Finance License?

All corporate finance firms are governed by the MAS and follow specific regulations and require the CMS license.  However, some firms can apply to become an exemption to the permit depending on the entities they operate. Some of these entities include:

  • Financial institutions, including banks, finance companies, and insurance companies, already operate under other MAS legislation. The MAS is among the most stable regulatory bodies globally because it creates the best environments for all the companies; hence, since all these financial institutions already governed by other legislation, they are exempt from corporate finance licenses.
  • Individuals who are working for people who are exempts from the licenses. Since these people are working for an exempt party, it is only fair that they don’t require the permit for their operations
  • Individuals working for CMS license holders: For instance, a custodian working for a corporate finance firm with a license doesn’t require to get a permit; after all, they are working under the permit of their employer.
  • People working under exempt financial institutions: Since these FIs are exempt from the licenses, all their staff don’t need them. However, these individuals must apply for the Singapore Exchange Derivatives Association membership.

The Corporate Finance licensing is under the Securities and Futures’ act, whose primary goal is to create standard rules among all participants of the finance sector. As a result, even the exempt corporate finance firms need to follow some guidelines, including the requirements of the market practices.


Recent reports claim that Singapore is among the best places to set up a corporate finance firm since it is among the most prominent finance markets in the world. However, the country demands the utmost respects to the set rules by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. There may be exemptions in applying for corporate finance licenses, but every business person must keep the primary market rules in mind.