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What is a Compliance Audit?

What is a Compliance Audit?

Singapore is among the best places to start a business globally. Why is that? It has a supportive government that encourages locals and foreigners to invest in companies in the country. A compliance audit is an assessment of a business to check applicable laws, rules under the many orders, and all the instructions by Singapore’s authority are followed.

Its crucial role is to assure the government that all the set rules and regulations of various agreements. For instance, if a company needs to report the income of staff members. The government might request an audit to check all the employees and the wages to ensure that the taxes are correct. There can be several audits in a company by various entities depending on the subject in question.

Why is a Compliance Audit necessary?

Compliance audits are necessary for various reasons. Some businesses in Singapore may have frequent audits if it has a record of breaking laws. A compliance audit may occur once in a while to ensure that the business moves in the right direction. For instance, a textile company in Singapore may occasionally undergo auditing to ensure that it poses no danger to the environment since it is famous as an environmentally harmful firm.

Compliance audits don’t only check on an environment but are used to monitor internal affairs to determine if things can be better. As a result, it is a crucial tool that companies can use to improve customer services, increase revenue and improve the operations in a company.


Compliance auditing in Singapore

Singapore Companies Act is in charge of companies’ conduct. It requires them to comply with an annual filling of the IRAS (Inland Revenue of Singapore) and the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Agency. Locals and foreigners must ensure that their services are registered so that they match the relevant rules.

FYE (Financial Year-end)

The Singapore government requires that all the companies determine the FYE, often determined on the last day of a financial year. Most of the firms choose to perform to determine the FYE on December 31, while others prefer the last day of any quarter. Singapore Regulatory framework uses the FYE to determine if a company is eligible for any tax incentives. The current laws state that any company can get a 75% tax relief on the first S$100,000, viable for the first three years after founding it. Also, the next S$100,000 receives 50% tax relief.

Who is audited in Singapore?

Every private company must audit its financial reports by a public accountant annually. After a company registers under Singapore law, it needs to appoint a qualified auditor by the end of three months unless the exemptions, including annual turnover, are below S$5 million, and shareholders are below twenty. Also, the shareholders are people and not corporate investments.

Singapore is strict with the regulations to ensure maximum transparency; hence if a company is non-compliance, it stands the chance of summons, fines, and arrest warrant.


A compliance audit is essential and ensures transparency in the way businesses operate in Singapore. The current regulatory framework sets up the necessary compliance audit guidelines to ensure companies run smoothly.


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