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Understanding CMS Licensing in Singapore through RTCompliance

In Singapore, the financial industry is governed by a robust regulatory framework to ensure stability, security, and compliance. One crucial aspect of this framework is the Capital Markets Services (CMS) license. This license is required for entities engaged in various financial activities, and understanding its intricacies is vital for businesses operating in Singapore’s financial sector. RTCompliance, a reputable compliance consultancy, plays a pivotal role in helping organizations navigate the complex world of CMS licensing. In this article, we will explore CMS licensing in Singapore and how RTCompliance can assist businesses in obtaining and maintaining this essential license.

What is a CMS License?

A Capital Markets Services (CMS) license is issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and is mandatory for entities engaging in specific regulated financial activities in Singapore. The CMS license is a critical regulatory requirement designed to ensure that financial institutions adhere to high standards of governance, risk management, and compliance.

Types of CMS Licenses:

There are several categories of CMS licenses, each tailored to specific financial activities. These include:

  1. Fund Management: Required for businesses engaged in the management of securities or futures contracts.
  2. Dealing in Securities: Necessary for entities involved in the trading of securities or futures contracts.
  3. Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading: Mandatory for firms offering leveraged foreign exchange trading services.
  4. Advising on Corporate Finance: Applicable to businesses providing advice on corporate finance activities.
  5. Advising on Investment Products: Required for entities offering investment advice on a wide range of financial products.
  6. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Management: Necessary for companies involved in the management of REITs.

The CMS licensing framework is comprehensive, ensuring that entities offering various financial services are appropriately regulated to protect investors and maintain market integrity.

The Role of RTCompliance:

RTCompliance is a leading compliance consultancy in Singapore with expertise in assisting financial institutions with their regulatory compliance requirements. Here’s how RTCompliance can help you navigate the CMS licensing process:

  1. Pre-Application Assessment: RTCompliance conducts a thorough review of your organization’s readiness for CMS licensing, identifying areas that need improvement to meet regulatory standards.
  2. License Application: They assist in preparing and submitting your CMS license application to MAS, ensuring all necessary documentation and information are in order.
  3. Compliance Framework: RTCompliance helps you establish and implement a robust compliance framework tailored to your specific CMS license category.
  4. Ongoing Compliance: They provide ongoing compliance support to ensure your organization remains in compliance with MAS regulations.
  5. Audit and Reviews: RTCompliance conducts regular audits and reviews to identify and rectify compliance gaps, helping you avoid regulatory issues.


Obtaining a CMS license in Singapore is a critical step for financial institutions wishing to operate legally and responsibly. RTCompliance offers valuable expertise in guiding organizations through the complex process of CMS licensing and ongoing compliance, ensuring they meet MAS regulatory standards. By partnering with RTCompliance, businesses can navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence, allowing them to focus on their core financial activities while maintaining the highest standards of compliance.

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