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CMS License

CMS License in Singapore

Singapore is a country that is constantly evolving and growing. As such, the need for a reliable Content Management System (CMS) license is always in demand. But with many options to choose from on the market, how do you know which to choose? This blog post will explore the different CMS options available in Singapore and help to choose the best one for your needs. We will also provide some suggestion and tips on how to get started with using a CMS license in Singapore.

What is Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licence

A Capital Markets Services (CMS) license in Singapore allows a company to provide financial services and products are regulated under the Securities and Futures Act (SFA). The main activities that require a CMS license are:

– Dealing in securities

– Leveraged foreign exchange trading

– Margin financing

– Providing advice on corporate finance

Companies must meet specific eligibility criteria set out by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to obtain a CMS license. They must also have adequate risk management systems and controls, as well as compliance policies and procedures.

Who needs to apply for CMS License Singapore

To set up a content management system (CMS) in Singapore, you must apply for a CMS license from the Media Development Authority (MDA).

You must submit an application form and supporting documents, including a business plan, to the MDA. Once your application are approved, you will be issued a license.

Different types of CMS licenses are available, depending on the content you want to manage. For example, if you setting up a website that sells music, you will need a Music CMS license.

The MDA will assess your application based on factors such as the nature and purpose of your proposed CMS, your track record in managing similar content, and your level of control over the content.

The eligibility requirements to apply for a capital markets license.

To apply for a capital markets services license in Singapore, an applicant must:

– be a company incorporated in Singapore or any other jurisdiction;

– have compliance officers who are fit and proper persons;

– have adequate financial resources; and

– meet the business conduct requirements under the Securities and monitored and Futures Act.

In addition, the applicant must pass an assessment by the Monetary Authority of Singapore on its competency, integrity, and financial soundness.

How to apply for the capital markets license

To become a licensed capital markets services provider in Singapore, you must first apply to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

In your application, you will need to provide information on your firm’s organizational structure, business activities, and proposed supervision arrangements. You will also need to submit audited financial statements for your firm.

Once MAS has received and reviewed your application, they may grant you a provisional license. This allows you to begin operating your business while MAS assesses your suitability for a full license.

To be granted a full license, you must demonstrate that you have already met all of the Capital Markets Services Act requirements. These requirements include having adequate risk management procedures and systems in place and meeting MAS’ corporate governance standards.

The validity period of the capital markets license

As of October 2020, the validity period of a capital markets services (CMS) license in Singapore is 10 years. After the initial 10-year term, license holders must renew their licenses every 5 years.

To renew a CMS license, license holders must apply to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) at least 3 months or more before the expiry date of their current license. MAS will then assess the licensee’s compliance with laws and regulations, as well as its financial condition and business reputation.

License holders who successfully renew their CMS licenses will be given a new license with a validity period of 5 years. Those who are unsuccessful in renewing their licenses will have their licenses revoked by MAS.

The compliance obligations about the capital markets license

A capital markets services license is required for carrying on the regulated activities of dealing in securities, leveraged foreign exchange trading, and futures trading. The Monetary Authority of Singapore is the licensing authority for CMS licensees.

To obtain a CMSL, an applicant must demonstrate to MAS that:

it is a fit and proper corporation;

it has adequate risk management policies and procedures;

it has sound financial and operational controls; and

it employs critical personnel who are competent and have relevant experience.

In addition, an applicant must submit to MAS:

an audited financial statement for the recent year;

projected financial statements for the next three years; and

details of its proposed business plans.

After considering all the information submitted by the applicant, MAS will decide whether to grant or refuse the CMSL. If granted, the license will valid for 3 years starting from the date of issue.

The annual fee obligations about the capital markets license

The annual fee obligations about the capital markets license are as follows:

For a person authorized by the authority to carry on a business in one or more regulated activities, the annual fee shall be such amount as may be prescribed by regulations made by the Minister.

For a person not authorized by the authority to carry on and prolasting a business in any regulated activity, the annual fee shall be such amount as may be charged by regulations made by the Minister.


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